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Quality Promise

posted this on February 05, 2013 03:55 PM

Best of The Best 

First and foremost, everything we sell is of the very best quality available. You will notice that we offer products from a variety of manufacturers, not just one or two lines. This is because most spa products suppliers have their strengths, and sometimes, like people, their weaknesses too. We pick only the best product lines of the best brands. We make them available to our customers only after they have passed our own stringent testing regimen.

Best quality chemicals - discount prices.

Our Brands

You will notice many products with The Spa Depot® brand, or one of our other brand names on them. All of our own spa products are guaranteed to meet or surpass the quality of other brand names. Since the middleman has been eliminated from our own branded items, you can normally expect to see a larger size package or a higher level of quality at a lower cost than other similar products you may find elsewhere.

Service after the Sale

If quality starts with products, it must continue with service. That has always been our policy. Your order is checked once, then checked again prior to shipment. And we don't forget about you once your order is filled, either!  We're always here to help with your hot tub questions or concerns.

We built our reputation, and our business, on customer service.

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